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Fleet Maintenance: We Do it Your Way

Fleet Maintenance: We Do it Your Way.

For mid-size and large commercial vehicle fleets, you’ve got a friend in Fleetmasters.

We’re the “one shop does it all people” because, in addition to ongoing fleet maintenance, we repair and refurbish commercial vehicles, too.

Equally important, you needn’t adapt to our commercial vehicle maintenance schedule. We don’t have one. Just yours. As in, we’ll customize a maintenance schedule that best fits your needs while enhancing your company’s productivity.

Flexible Preventive Maintenance

Whether we establish a regular program for fleet maintenance or provide service upon request, you can count on our very best work, long history of client satisfaction, in-house parts departments at our two locations, plus hands-on expertise in working with most makes and models of mid-size to full-size commercial vehicles.


From continuous training to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, Fleetmasters helps you accomplish more with what you have. Add to that dedicated and focused customer service, and you have yourself the ultimate winning combination.

Fleetmasters. Just what the fleet manager ordered.

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